Chabot 50K Trail Run Race Report

I ran my first 50K today – the Chabot 50K Trail Run. The volunteers at Inside Trail Racing impressed me with their professionalism, friendliness and genuine concern for my well-being. Inside Trails Racing put on one of the best trail runs I’ve been a part of. As an example, a volunteer at the Two Rocks aid station (~mile 23) gave me one of her personal water bottles when she saw I wasn’t carrying one (since I forgot it at home). [Read More]

St. Louis Stadium Run Race Report

.gallery .img1 {background-image: url('/img/stadium_run.png');} Stadium Run T-Shirt The picture above is from an old race t-shirt that I found in my closet. Luckily, it had the date of the run on it so it made it easier to search the web for information about the race. The race was a staggered start based on age. Older racers got to start first and younger racers had to try and catch them. [Read More]